About Me

“May you always find new roads to travel, new horizons to explore, new dreams to call your own.”      Author Unknown

Photography has been part of my life since I was a young child.  This blog and my photography website, (http://marionmccristall.com) are a way for me to share my passion with those who pass my way.

I’m from Vancouver, Canada, and currently live in a small village in the municipality of Sintra, Portugal. I have the best of both worlds with country life to explore and the amazing city of Lisbon 45 minutes away. This gives me the opportunity to quench my thirst for knowledge and create a wide array of images.  Travel plays an important part in my life as I love to visit other places near and abroad to capture what I call “life moments”. The sights and sounds and colours and textures found in other cultures increase my visual repertoire and inspire me.

Hopefully sharing NEAT things….experiences, thoughts, ideas, photos, and favorites that inspire me will give you a chance to think about Everything Neat that is in your life.

Marion McCristall

Walking in the fishing village of Ericeira, Portugal.

Walking in the fishing village of Ericeira, Portugal.

Please note that all photographs on my blog are protected by copyright.

© Marion McCristall

Many of my photographs can be purchased as prints, framed and mounted prints, canvas prints, and greeting cards through Fine Art America.  If you wish to use any of my photographs for other purposes, please contact me through my website http://www.marion-mccristall.artistwebsites.com

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Marion!!

    So happy that you have found some time to devote to this new blog. You definitely have the right title! I am sure that many others, including me will be eagerly awaiting each post!

    Lots of love.
    P.S. Have any tasty vegetarian dishes in mind these days?

  2. Very nice picture of you, looking forward to hearing LOTS more from you. I totally agree, learn and then learn somemore.

  3. Hello,

    As it turns out, I also took lessons from Noi about 10 years ago. I spent time with him and his family cooking and then celebrating his birthday.
    Wonderful to see your post. Any chance you have any contact information for him?

    take care,

  4. Stumbled upon your blog in the ‘Freshly Pressed’ section and am so glad I did.
    Neat, clear and interesting….its a pleasure to read your blog!!

  5. I found your blog at Freshly Pressed and I am enjoying all of your posts, they are wonderful.
    Have a good week.
    Theresa Z.

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