Archaeological Museum in Portugal

Travelling gives us the opportunity to see, learn about, and make photographs of places and historical sites we don’t have access to in our local artifacts 14 POR 2014

During a recent trip to Portugal I was invited for a private tour of the Archaeological Museum of Sao Miguel de Odrinhas in the Sintra area. It was fascinating to see the large collection of Roman artifacts and other ruins that were so well-preserved and on artifacts 16 POR 2014museum interior26 POR 2014

Discoveries of stones with inscriptions included influences from Italian, paleo-Hispanic, North African, and other origins were found across the region. People had been collecting everything from shards of pottery and tools to huge tombstones and Etruscan sarcophagi for hundreds of years. Scholars started a collection at the site in the hermitage of Sao Miguel in the 16th Century. This beautiful museum has been further developed and modernized so the antiquities could be gathered together in one place for all to artifacts22 POR 2014Museum artifacts10 POR 2014

There is an extensive library at the museum where researchers and visitors can take their time to learn more about the history of the region. A small chapel, with an ancient graveyard and Roman mosaic tiles embedded in the ground, is still in use library2 POR 2014

Here is a short slide show of some of the images I took during my visit to the museum.

If you are planning to go to Portugal be sure to take time to enjoy this interesting museum. It’s located about a half hour drive from Lisbon. Check out their website for information about displays, educational opportunities, and special outside3 POR 2014

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