Once upon a time … a Photographic Journey in Portugal

Every photo, every “once” in a time, is also the beginning of a story “once upon a time. ~ Wim Wenders

Sharing stories and images of everyday activities as well as exciting adventures is one of the many ways we remember them and re-live the experiences again and again. Sometimes when we travel it takes a while to sift through the rich memories and countless photographs to bring it all into focus.Village Street POR 2014 A collection of some photographs from my recent trip to Portugal is ready to share with you. I’m thrilled that the tour I organized was such a wonderful experience for everyone. Jose Antunes, our expert photo pro and guide, and Fernando Picarra. our friendly, extra driver, were encouraging, patient, and more than willing to help all of us create images that will give us memories for years to come. Jose took this photo of me as we were walking towards the sea in Ericeira, a colourful, little fishing village on the Atlantic. Marion McCristall Tour Leader in Portugal by Jose AntunesI hope you will take a few minutes to enjoy my photo essay with images ranging from seascapes to quaint villages, palaces, botanical gardens, Roman ruins, and more of the treasures that “say” Portugal. Click the link to view “The Charms of Portugal, A Photographic Journey”. https://mccristall.exposure.co/the-charms-of-portugal

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Note: If Portugal is not on your list of places to visit, you’ll want to add it. However, you must be careful as one visit there can captivate and charm you and you’ll likely find yourself returning and telling your own story of “Once Upon a Time”.

If you’re interested in doing some photography in Portugal, contact Jose Antunes to arrange individual or small group outings. http:joseantunes.com

To see more of my images, please visit my website http://marionmccristall.com

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Art has a poetry and language of it’s own

Photography is one of the ways I like to express myself.  This is an exciting time for me as I’ve finally finished my photography website and I will be writing posts to share some of my thoughts and experiences about my journey in the world of photography.

My Portfolio on the website is a representation of the kinds of things I like to take pictures of.  I have included galleries called Visual Poetry, Creatures, Life, Black & White & Sepia, and Travel.  I will be changing the images on my galleries from time to time so please bookmark it and check back. http://www.marionmccristall.com

Some images are close up and personal and others show landscapes or people at a distance.  Take a moment to check out my  Black & White & Sepia Gallery.  I love the tonal contrasts, graphic qualities, and the artistic interpretation provided in monochromatic images.

Hopefully some of my images will help you find your own artistic language and a way to express it with your photography.

Some of my images can be purchased at Fine Art America.

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