Photography Through the Eyes of Others

Going on a small group photography tour is an exciting way to see a specific location through the eyes of others. Being in the presence of those who have a passion for making images can get our creative juices flowing and inspire us to think about what we’re looking at and how to tell the story of what we see.
I lead a photography tour in Portugal in March with Jose Antunes, an esteemed photographer and writer there. As our photo guru and guide, he helped us hone our photography skills and took us to special places where he loves to photograph. During the week we explored everything from landscapes and seascapes to small villages, city life in Lisbon to 2000 year old archaeological artifacts and geological formations from 72 million years ago.FOTOdigital July cover 2014The summer issue of FOTOdigital is online now. Jose showcased a selection of images that my group took during our week in Portugal in the spring. It’s so interesting to see how unique we are and how we pointed our camera at different things that caught our eye.
When you go out with your camera be sure to look at your surroundings with fresh eyes and see what you can capture.
Enjoy photographs taken by our group from Canada, (Gerry, Kitty, Norah, Judith and myself,)  in FOTOdigital, (pages 14-47 and 50-63,) and share the link with your friends and family.

Check out Jose’s website for more information on day tours, eBooks, and the Lightroom and Photoshop courses he offers.

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Camera Speak

My DSLR journey began in the spring of 2008.  It was a time for me to get serious about what I call “Camera Speak”.

I wanted to combine learning more about camera settings with a holiday abroad.  Peter Evans, a British professional photographer now living in France, created a lovely home for art students with his partner, Jill Fellows.

I was thrilled with the warm welcome, spacious en-suite accommodations, and Pete’s ability to patiently explain the function of f-stops, shutter speeds, and ISO settings, over and over and over again.  I have to admit it took a little time to sink in.  Perhaps it was the jet-lag or maybe the thrill of being back in France again. No excuses.  It was a remarkable week and I learned so much. I came home with a desire to return and in May 2009, I was flying across the Atlantic to spend another amazing week with Pete and Jill.

Jill is an artist who gives workshops and teaches week-long courses for painting enthusiasts.  She welcomes absolute beginners to those with years of experience.

Their website is

My weeks with Pete helped me to develop a better understanding of camera terminology and knowing when to use the different settings to improve my photography. F-stop, shutter speed, and ISO roll off my tongue like another language.  I feel almost bilingual.

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