Portugal 2016 Calendar

A little gift for you

Portugal is an amazing country with fabulous vistas around every corner. I made an 8.5 x 11 inch 2016 calendar as a little gift for you to download to your computer. I have thousands of images so it was hard to choose just six. Share my calendar with a friend and feel free to print it and put it up so that you can see a year at a glance. Enjoy.

All best wishes for 2016!

MarionPortugal Calendar 2016

Make a Calendar from the Pictures You Take

Have you ever thought you’d like to make a calendar for yourself or friends from some of the pictures you take?

There are many ways to create calendars online, through commercial printers, and by gluing your images to ready-made blank calendars.

You only need glue dots, some favourite pictures, and a blank calendar

I recently made some calendars for gifts as well as one for my office.  For an Italian theme, I used pictures I took when I was in Tuscany and Rome last June.  I chose horizontal photos to fit the calendars and printed them in 4 x 6 inch format.  I like to make them with different themes such as spring flowers, still lifes, waterfalls, and so on.  Black and white images also make stunning calendars.

A lion for March

a lion for March

I suggest you print more than 12 different images so that you have lots to choose from for each month of the year.  Lay them out on a table and start thinking about how they would look in your calendar.

There are many kinds of glue and stickers available but I prefer glue dots as they only require one step and they come in different sizes…I use the “mini” ones. At the back of the picture, I attach glue dots on each corner and in the middle of the top and bottom…try not to let them touch the front of the photo or other objects as they are very sticky.    Once the glue dots are in place, center your picture within the frame…one for each month.

Press the photo to the glue dot and it attaches easily to the back of your picture

Take your time to center the picture within the frame

To help each picture stay in place, I lay a blank piece of paper over top and gently press down with my hand and then remove it. This also reduces the number of fingerprints.

And….there you have it….a lovely calendar for your office or friends.

Tuscan Landscape

When you take pictures throughout the year, think about which ones would look great in a calendar.  I store them in a folder on my computer until the creative spirit hits.  Although calendars typically start in January, you can give them as gifts up to a couple of months later so that others can still enjoy your images.