Lisbon: The City of Seven Hills

Capturing the essence of a place is something I love to do with my camera in hand. Not only do I create mental visual memories but also images that I can look at and enjoy for years to come. After returning from my travels, I like to make sideshows, greeting cards, calendars, prints, and photo essays that depict my experiences.

My photography e-book called Lisbon: The City of Seven Hills shows some of the countless sites I saw during my visits there in the last two years.Lisbon VistaI added post-processing effects in Photoshop CC and created the e-book in Lightroom 5 Book Module.  You can browse my e-book, Lisbon: The City of Seven Hills, here the City of Seven HillsImagine the clang of the No. 28 Tram as it weaves through the neighbourhoods, brilliant terracotta rooftops, exquisite tiled facades, lemony coloured walls, twisty cobbled streets with laundry flapping in the breeze, leafy plazas with cafes, and historical sites at every turn. Enjoy walking in the streets of Lisbon through my eyes. Hopefully you will go there one day and take in the wonderful ambiance of such a magnificent city.

To see more of my images, please visit my website

© Copyright Marion McCristall, all rights reserved


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