Abstract Photography

Abstract photographs typically fall under the category of fine art photography. I often use this form of photography to express a visual language that does not depend on a realistic portrayal of specific subject matter. I allow colour, shape, texture, and line to capture my imagination, move me, and draw me in. It is at that point that I press the shutter.

I recently entered a photo competition where the theme was “Abstract”. I enjoyed the challenge as I have hundreds of images that I have created that are not easily defined and, hopefully, leave the viewer enjoying the simplicity or vibrancy without having to wrestle with making sense of it all. We know these are bubbles but I like the abstract qualities of shape, light, and uneven pattern they create. soapbubblessteveston_SnapseedSometimes I make my own photographic abstracts with light painting. I created this one in a completely dark room with coloured glow sticks. With the lights on, I chose the focal length and aperture and selected a long, eight second, shutter speed. Once I turned the lights off, I used a cable release to press the shutter and set to work swirling and twirling the sticks in front of the camera. Magic.Kinetic Locomotion l_SnapseedShadows create really interesting abstracts. These wires were crisscrossed in front of an old, weathered building in Vancouver. I added a slight glow effect in Photoshop to enhance the graphic elements in this picture.Crisscrossed_SnapseedWhen I think of Morocco, I am reminded of all of the amazing sights I saw. I really enjoyed the vibrant colours and textures and this image showcases the beautiful ones that caught my eye.Vibrant Colours of Morocco _SnapseedLines, patterns, and symmetry can be found almost anywhere. They could be man-made, as in this industrial looking picture, or in nature. Think of stripes on hosta leaves, dew drops on a spider web, reflections in a puddle, the skin of animals such as giraffes and zebras, or waves lapping at the seaside. The list is endless and they all lend themselves to abstract image making.Symmetry_SnapseedI hope you will feel inspired to go out and experiment with your camera and imagination and make wonderful abstract images. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the creative process.

To see more of my images, please visit my website http://marionmccristall.com

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One thought on “Abstract Photography

  1. Hi Marion: Another lovely post, really liked the turn the lights off, swirl, etc. very imaginative. Keep up the good work. Cheers! Irene

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