Inspired by Winter

Winter is a great time of year to grab your camera, dress warmly, and go in search of some images that inspire you.Canoes Fraser River WC Vig4x6_SnapseedThankfully we don’t get very much snow on the west coast but the fog has been very mystical. I took this picture of canoes bobbing on the water of the Fraser River near Fort Langley. The fog moved in and out as I tried to capture the soft morning glow on the boats. I added a slight watercolour and texture effect in Photoshop.

Crisp, chilly mornings are perfect for catching the frost on trees, leaves, and fence posts. Below is an image of an exquisite stand of aspen trees a short drive from where I live. I used digital editing software to give it a more painterly effect.Frosty Morning Aspens_Snapseed

Fog, people, and railway tracks created a perfect combination for this moody image. I was out early one morning and waited for action on the tracks before I made this photograph. I have added a glow, similar to the Orton Effect, to give the image an ethereal look.foggy day railway tracks Orton_SnapseedA playground teeter-totter was waiting for someone to come and play on this snowy day. Luckily I got there first and captured this shot of beautiful pristine snow piled on top of it. The illustration effect was added in Photoshop.snow teetertotter park TZ_SnapseedNow it’s your turn to create a little magic. Take some winter photographs, upload them, and use your artistic flair to try out some creative effects in your digital darkroom. Have fun!

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© Copyright Marion McCristall, all rights reserved

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