Music for the Soul

Music for the soul comes in many forms. It could be through things we hear, see, touch, taste, or smell. Sometimes we are given special opportunities to lose ourselves in moments that make our heart sing.

Last night, my heart was singing as Ottmar Liebert, a world-renowned classical guitarist, gave an exciting concert in the Vancouver area. His virtuoso performance, both on an acoustic Flamenco guitar and electric guitar, was spell binding. It transported me to a place where I could feel his music in my soul.

As waves crash in no particular pattern to the shore, Ottmar would surprise us with unexpected tempo changes, pulsating rhythms, and clapping on his guitar.  His expert percussionist, Chris Steele, and seasoned bass player, Jon Gagan, rounded out the trio with reverberations and beats that left us wanting more and more.  It was hard to stop myself from dancing in the aisles.

waves rocks PORwebBD

Rhythm of the Waves, Atlantic Coast of Portugal

The experience of being in the audience and listening to Ottmar’s music reminded me of how I feel when I am by the sea. For me, there is something magical and remarkable watching and listening as waves swell, curl, and crash on the shore leaving calmer waters at the edge that are swept back into the sea to be returned again and again. Ottmar’s brilliant instrumentation pulled us in with rapid upbeat tempos interspersed with languid cadences. Some of his pieces felt like his guitar was speaking to a lover, “On the Road to Shiraz”, while others jumped and skipped with unadulterated playfulness, “Bridge, Part 2”.

Twenty years ago, Ottmar Liebert wrote, “Instrumental music works on our intuitive mind…the listener has to invest something, has to let the music resonate within him, has to flesh out the mood the music portrays.”

Whether the mood of Ottmar’s music was sultry, passionate, or filled with pulsating energy, I was under its spell.

You can listen to some of Ottmar Liebert’s music at

Watch Ottmar play one of his most popular pieces, Santa Fe, at the Bing Lounge on Youtube.

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