Summer is a time when our senses come alive with sights and sounds of bustling farmers’ markets, children playing at the beach, kites flying high in deep blue skies, and people filling parks with their blankets and picnic suppers.

When I go out with my camera I see vibrant colours of wildflowers in meadows, lush vegetable gardens, light filtering through cedar groves, and tourists, gelato in hand, stopping to enjoy local attractions.

I am drawn to try to capture it all and create photographs that tell the stories of what I see. When I take my time, I also like to make images that separate an object from the cacophony of summer delights and focus only on it. I call this simplicity.Daisy quote BCLight and shadow are a photographers best friend.This exquisite daisy was growing in a cluster under the shadowy eaves of a barn. It caught my eye with the light falling over the top of the petals. I zoomed in to make this lovely photograph. I added a slight texture and quote using photo editing software.

When you’re out taking pictures, try to capture just the simplest element of what you see.  You may be surprised and delighted at the beauty of it all.

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© Copyright Marion McCristall, all rights reserved

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