Spring Tulip Posters

tulips WC poster BDI take photographs through every season but there is something magical about spring. I love it when the tulips burst forth with vibrant colours and stand tall in the crisp breezes.tulips fence 16x16 WC BDI had the opportunity to go to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival near La Conner, Washington, last week. The fields were gorgeous and filled with row after row of a myriad of colours.tulips yellow red 16x24WC BDUsing Photoshop, I created these lovely posters of some of the visions I captured with my camera. tulip single darker blur BDIf you have photo editing software you will be able to add a slight watercolour effect and a border to make your own posters.  tulips tree fence 12x12WC BDGive it a try and enjoy!

To see more of my images, please visit my website http://marionmccristall.com

© Copyright Marion McCristall, all rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Spring Tulip Posters

  1. LaConnor is so pretty in the spring with all the tulips, love your Poster ideas, keep up the good work

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