Inspired by Freeman Patterson


Lone Tree in the San Juan Islands – Marion McCristall Photographer

Freeman Patterson is one of Canada’s pre-eminent photographers. He is known world-wide for his excellence in photography, writing, and teaching, and has written several outstanding books. He lives in New Brunswick and was in Vancouver recently to give workshops for photo-enthusiasts.

I have enjoyed Freeman’s photographic style and teachings for several years.  One of my favourite books is “Photography and the Art of Seeing,” and I was fortunate to attend his daylong seminar on Saturday. Freeman spoke to photographers and other artists about the building blocks of visual design and principles of composition. He emphasized the importance of understanding these when framing a shot.

Tulip Waves - Marion McCristall Photographer

Tulip Waves – Marion McCristall Photographer

Throughout the day, Freeman showed us slides that represented his use of light and dark to create tonal contrast.  He spoke about line, shape, perspective, and texture, as they are made visible through tonal and colour contrast.  He recommended doing everything you can “in camera” at the moment you take the picture. He showed slides that inspired us to think more about the importance of balance, rhythm, proportion, and dominance as they apply to image making.

Rhythm of Sea Waves - Marion McCristall

Rhythm of Sea Waves – Marion McCristall

When I look at many of my photographs, I can see his influence as I captured images of my surroundings and various types of subject matter.  I call these my “Freeman Inspired” images. He encourages photographers to take pictures that show how they feel.  He said, “Art is like dreaming, only you can dream your dreams.”

Whispers in Red - Marion McCristall Photographer

Whispers in Red – Marion McCristall Photographer

Freeman creates a vast array of images including exquisite visual photographs with multiple exposures and panning. He is an accomplished, celebrated, nature photographer and has won many accolades including the Order of Canada.  Take a moment to learn more about him and his vision at his website

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One thought on “Inspired by Freeman Patterson

  1. Oh Marion! what can one say about you and your posts??? they are so inspiring and so uplifting, thanks so much for sharing. Glad you had a wonderful time at the Freeman Patterson seminar, way to go.

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