Holiday Wishes with an e-Card

Today, I’m sending out my holiday e-Card. I really enjoyed creating it with a photo I took of a little bird in Tynehead Park in Surrey a couple of weeks ago.xmascardlightblueborder

I don’t know how my friends and family really feel about receiving an e-Card rather than a card in the mail.  I think this is just as pretty as a commercial product, includes my heart-felt sentiment, it’s eco-friendly, and made by me.

Christmas cards are nice to get in the mail and can be displayed for longer term enjoyment. The traditional way of choosing a card, signing your name, addressing the envelope, and attaching a stamp, will always be a lovely way of connecting with others.

Although receiving an e-Card is a more fleeting experience. I hope my friends take a moment to enjoy my holiday wishes for this year.

I am wishing all of my readers good health, a peaceful heart, countless moments of contentment, and love today and every day in the new year.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Wishes with an e-Card

  1. Merry Christmas to you, may these days be full of joy.
    I think an e-Card is just as beautiful and good as the printed ones…and… it comes in the mail, can be places on top of your desk, and when season is over can be filed in a nice drawer to have a look at it whenever you want. Additionaly there is less expenses and wastes involved.

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