Whale Watching in the San Juan Islands

The weather has been perfect for whale watching.  I recently went on a wildlife adventure to see Orca whales around the San Juan Islands off the Washington coast.We spent the day cruising the waters with a naturalist who reminded us to be patient and to keep an eagle eye out.  Sure enough, after about three hours, of waiting and watching, we spotted a pod of four Orcas, (otherwise known as Killer Whales.)It was thrilling to see them breaching in the water and slapping it with their tails.  We also saw the bloody remains of a kill. The Resident Orcas’ primary diet is fish and the Transient Orcas mainly eat other marine life such as seals.  There were visitors from other countries on our boat and it was wonderful to see how much they enjoyed the beauty of the islands and the thrill of seeing the wildlife.

I’ve been on other whale watching cruises and have seen massive Humpback whales frolicking off the coast in Maui and Grey whales surfacing and spouting in the icy waters of Alaska.  I never take for granted how amazing it is to see marine wildlife in its natural habitat and hope you will have a chance to experience it as well.

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One thought on “Whale Watching in the San Juan Islands

  1. Great captures! I live on the coast, right across from Channel Islands National Park. The Gray Whales migrate right through the Santa Barbara Channel…a beautiful experience when you witness them passing through. Being a surfer and lover of the ocean, I have had countless experiences surfing with dolphins, seals, and have had a few gray whale encounters on boats and near the shores in deep water, and yes…even an Orca! We were on a little dingy looking for surf on the Santa Barabara coast, and we saw an Orca less than a 100 yards away from us…it scared the living daylights out of us, but it was breathtaking.

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