Five Facts I’m Willing to Share, Part II

It’s Friday and I’m attempting to meet Kim Klassen’s challenge of writing five facts about me to share on my blog every Friday in August.

1. I used to just order a coffee.  A few years ago I learned how to say “decaf, tall mocha, low fat, easy whip”. It rolls easily off my tongue now and is my drink of choice on a chilly winter day. I also love the foam on lattes. Nous Nous, in Morocco, is the best coffee beverage I’ve ever tasted. It has layers of rich, chestnut coloured creaminess topped with steaming foam. We would sit at outdoor cafes and sip one or two every day while taking in the ambience of the bustling marketplace.2.  I love to fly kites and my favorite stretch of windy beach is at Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. My brother-in-law took this picture of me four years ago.

3.  I live near Vancouver, Canada, ranked as the 3rd most liveable city in the world.  It truly is an all season city of amazing natural beauty. 4.  I went to a bull-fight in Mexico.  An unforgettable first and last of that kind of experience for me.

5.  I held a 5000 year old skull in my hands in the Orkney Islands, northern Scotland, at the Tomb of the Eagles.  The tomb was only accessible by laying prone on a trolley and pulling myself through a long, damp, dark, tunnel into the main area that was dimly lit with torches. I don’t know how to describe the feeling of holding the remains of a person in my hands but it reminded me that we are all connected. I wonder how each of us will create and write our own story and what our legacy will be.Think about it.

I encourage you to pick up Kim’s challenge and blog on 5 Fact Fridays .

Kim’s website is brimming with inspiration.  Take a moment to check it out.

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9 thoughts on “Five Facts I’m Willing to Share, Part II

  1. A great set of facts! For me the perfect place to drink my coffee is without doubt a street cafe in Paris whilst people-watching! I didn’t realise you are in Vancouver – we have relatives near there – such a fabulous place and one we have yet to visit!

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