Click, Click, Click, Click, Click

Here’s another Photography Quick Tip

When you’re trying to capture fast action shots, turn your camera to Continuous or Burst shooting mode.  This way you will be able to shoot several frames per second.  While you press the shutter down, the camera takes many shots in succession.  Each camera varies on how many you will get but either of these modes give you a better chance of catching action that happens in a quick moment in time.  I found this particularly helpful when I was taking pictures of wildlife in Africa.We were fortunate to see different pairs of lions mating and I was very happy with this action shot.Our photography guide, David Rogers, said that it is extremely rare to see martial eagles mating so I was thrilled to capture this image.  Notice the incredible wingspan on the male.There is a farm near me with goats that frolic in the spring.  They love to butt heads and jump up and down trying to out perform each other.Bees and flowers naturally go together.  Wishing and hoping the bees will stay still long enough for a photograph doesn’t always work.  Continuous shooting for 4 or 5 frames helps to ensure a sharp image.I was able to get this picture of crashing waves on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal by being patient and ready. I wanted to include the rolling of the waves, the crest and turbulent crash of the water, along with the rocky shoreline.

Remember to focus your camera on the place where you think the action is most likely to happen. Continuous shooting and Burst modes use a lot of battery power and fill up your media card with photographs.  Be sure to turn it off when you don’t need it.

Give it a try and have some fun.

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One thought on “Click, Click, Click, Click, Click

  1. Like the tip of focus your camera on the place where you think the action will occur. Did the burst mode on the blown glass, it really helped. Again, thanks for your help on shooting the glass.

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