Five Facts I’m Willing to Share

I really enjoy the work of Kim Klassen.  She is an inspiring blogger, creative photographer, and very generous with her willingness to share her ideas and techniques.

Kim is encouraging people to write or blog on the topic of “Five Facts I’m Willing to Share” every Friday during August. Here’s my list for today.1.  I’m an avid photographer. When I travel to foreign countries I make sure I learn phrases for “May I take your picture? Please carry on with what you are doing., Please, and Thank you.”

2.  I have fallen into a new kind of love.  I have two absolutely adorable grandchildren who amaze me.  It’s a very special kind of magic. I’m excited about meeting my 3rd grandchild who is due the end of September.

3.  A few years ago I was temporarily stranded on the tiny island of Koh Samet.  There was a raging typhoon in the Gulf of Thailand and many had to be rescued by navy ships. We were without power and water for three days. Luckily I was on holidays with a couple of friends and could wait out those days of pounding wind and rain. We survived on gin and tonic, tortilla chips, and chocolate Ding Dongs. We kept ourselves busy playing cards, word games, and telling long, gin-embellished, stories of adventure.

4.  Last September, I heard lions purr while on safari in the wilds of East Africa. This was truly a thrill of a lifetime.  I was completely awestruck!

5.  I love notebooks.  I have assorted sizes, leather covers, hard covers, coil bound, big and small, sketchbooks, lined and unlined.  I’m a visual learner so I like to jot down inspirational ideas, quotes, technique tips for creative arts and photography, books I want to read, resources on the internet, and so on.  Last count I had 27.  Are they organized?  All I can say is that I’ve tried. Sometimes I find little gems I’d forgotten when I take time to go through them.

I encourage you to pick up Kim’s challenge and blog on 5 Fact Fridays .

Kim’s website is brimming with inspiration.  Take a moment to check it out.

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3 thoughts on “Five Facts I’m Willing to Share

  1. Oh it’s so great to find someone else with a notebook obsession 🙂 Love your five facts. I’m finding it great fun participating in this too!

  2. Sounds like you have exciting adventures on your travels! A great set of facts. And as a linguist I admire that you make the effort to communicate in other languages!

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