Magnolia Bloom

I’m delighted that my recent photograph of this lovely magnolia bloom won 3rd place in Darts Hill Garden’s annual photo competition. There was a special day set aside for photographers and only images taken on that day could be submitted.

Darts Hill Garden is located a short drive from Vancouver in south Surrey, BC.  It’s truly beautiful with its stunning flower beds and manicured lawns.  There are exciting varieties of flowers to enjoy and photograph. Many of the plants and trees are rare and unique and have been imported from all over the world. Francisca and Edwin Darts started developing the property and worked tirelessly for 50 years. They generously left it in the care of the City of Surrey and a large contingent of volunteer gardening enthusiasts.

Members can visit the park once per month and public open houses are held in the spring and fall. Arrangements for small groups to visit the gardens can be made through the City of Surrey.

The website for Darts Hill Garden Park is

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