Prosperity, Poverty, Hope

Masai woman and child, Kenya

There are countless ways to describe prosperity and poverty and how it translates in daily life experiences.  On a recent trip to Kenya, I was invited to visit both a thriving Masai village community and a small school in Kibera, Nairobi, that was made of mud and scraps of tin.  It was an honour to be so warmly welcomed in both places and I was encouraged to ask questions and take photographs.

Kibera is the 2nd largest slum in Africa and I was deeply saddened to see the appalling conditions that the people live in.

I have created a small photo essay that represents some of the strength, sadness, and joy that I saw in the eyes of the people I met. Only a small number of children in Kibera are able to go to school.  They have hope and courage while they attend to their studies.  The tiny school, against incredible odds, offers a place of caring, learning, and hope for the children.

I have submitted my photo essay called “Prosperity, Poverty, Hope” to a photography contest.  I hope you will take a look and “collect” it so that I have an opportunity to have my images shared with others. If I won, I would use the prize to travel and learn more about the lives of people in other cultures as well as contribute to the school I visited in Kibera.

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© all images copyright Marion McCristall

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