Digital Memento Surprise

I had a lovely surprise when I received a digital memento of a photography trip I took to Portugal. I studied with Jose Antunes in the most incredibly beautiful Sintra area in March.  I was so engrossed in my own image making that I didn’t notice Jose taking pictures of me.  I was delighted when he emailed me an e-Book he created that shows me taking photos as well as some of the scenes we both enjoyed.  This is a unique memento that I will treasure.

You can read the e-book here eBookMarionMcCristall_V2web

I created a slide show of some of my images called The Charms of Sintra and the West Coast of Portugal. Take a look.

E-Books are great way to share your travel images with your family and friends.  Jose created this one in Lightroom 4. It’s time I tried making an e-book as another way to share my photography and adventures. Thanks to Jose for his encouragement and this wonderful digital memento of my trip.

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