Impressions in Sepia

Some of my sepia images were recently published in a two page spread of the magazine of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art. The spring issue of Canadian Camera magazine was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from Portugal. It was a very special moment to flip through the pages and see my photos published.

School Girl in Nairobi

Sheena Wilkie, the editor-in chief of this excellent magazine, did an amazing job of making my photographs stand out on the page.  Canadian Camera is published four times a year and I am very pleased and honored that my images were chosen for the Member’s Portfolio.

Symbiosis in the Garden

Our magazine is only available for CAPA members so I’ve attached three of the images that were included in the article.

Final Rest in Finn Slough

Try changing some of your coloured images to sepia with photo editing software.  They will look stunning framed with a double white mat and classic black metal frame. Impressions in sepia can become yet another way to express yourself. Enjoy!

To see more of my photography, check out the Galleries in the Portfolio section of my website

© Copyright Marion McCristall, all rights reserved

8 thoughts on “Impressions in Sepia

  1. Gorgeous sepia images!! I can see why they were chosen to be published! Stunning work. I’m particularly drawn to the first photo… Beautiful portrait. Fantastic post and congrats on being published!!

  2. Many thanks, Marion,
    You and all like-minded souls will most certainly enjoy our new black & white and sepia photographic gallery, devoted to unknown masterpieces (1845 – c.1930) which, over the past four years, we have selected, restored and now proudly present in our gallery.
    Harold Feinstein refers to our collection as, “incredible”. Please see:

    Best regards,

    Michael Flannery

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