Sea Foam and Crashing Waves in Portugal

Sometimes life takes you to places where you know that you were meant to go.  The Sintra area of Portugal charmed and seduced me with stunning seascapes, fresh air breezes, quaint villages tucked among rolling hills, and lush forests dotted with impressive granite boulders.

The Atlantic seacoast near Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers up vistas of incredible natural beauty.  There are many bays and sheltered coves with golden sandy beaches nestled between high walls of craggy cliffs.  Each is unique and begs you to stay awhile and listen to the crashing of the waves and the calling of the birds.

In March, I was there on a photographic journey and studied with the well-known Portuguese photographer, Jose Antunes. We visited the seacoast in both the misty early morning and glowing late afternoon light.  The waves crashed on the shore and danced in the light with vibrant colours of blues, greens, and turquoise. The sea foam twirled and swirled as it pounded the shore.  It was hard to tear myself away from watching the waves roll in, each one bigger than the last, only to curl up, crest, and be spent on the shore.   I would say repeatedly to Jose, “Just one more,” and finally agree to move on to explore a new locale or site.

Sam Abell wrote, “Photography, alone of the arts, seems perfected to serve the desire humans have for a moment, this very moment, to stay.”  Jose provided me with countless opportunities to experience the joy of being near the sea. My images  keep those moments alive for me and I can use my senses to conjure up the impressions in an instant.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before I can return for a longer stay to relax and create even more memories of this remarkable, nature inspired area of Portugal.

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© Copyright Marion McCristall, all rights reserved

3 thoughts on “Sea Foam and Crashing Waves in Portugal

  1. The first two images are my favorites – I wish I could walk along that beach!

    I always find it amazing how no two beaches are alike, even in the same country. Color and texture of sand, shades of blue and green in the ocean, waves or not, rocks or vegetation, the angle and intensity of the light. You caught the wild rough beauty of Portugal wonderfully!

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