Finding Shadows to Photograph in Winter

Sometimes we forget that we can take photographs of beautiful long shadows even in the winter.  Arboretums, gardens, and greenhouses are great places to search for designs created as the sun passes over and through large leafy fronds.

I recently took these images in the morning at the Jardin Marjorelle in Marrakech, Morocco. The stunning botanical gardens, created by Jacques Marjorelle in the 1920’s, form a quiet oasis of tropical trees and succulents. They are perfect for relaxation and artistic reflection.

Choose a time of day that will cast dark shadows over interesting backgrounds. The following picture was taken before noon and I like the interplay of the shadows with the grain of the cement.  I converted it to sepia to help the texture stand out even more.

I really like the bold look of the shadow against the brilliant green in this palm leaf.

Think about using  lights and darks, shade and shadows to help you find new compositions for your photography.  Experiment until you find some shapes that are pleasing to your eye.

To see more of my photography, check out the Galleries in the Portfolio section of my website

© Copyright Marion McCristall, all rights reserved

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