Say “I Love You” With Your Photographs

Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to use one of your photographs to say “I love you” to the people who are special in your life.

I used a lovely tulip pairing, an exquisite rose with dewdrops, and a picture I took of scarves hanging in a market place in Paris to make my valentines for this year. I created these with photo-editing software and added textures, text, and borders to give them an artistic flare.

Try making your own.  Your friends, family, and loved ones will be happy to receive a note or email with your own special touch.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

© Marion McCristall, all rights reserved

4 thoughts on “Say “I Love You” With Your Photographs

    • Absolutely thrilled does not sufficiently describe how amazed I am at all of the wonderful, thoughtful, and kind comments I have received. I started to reply to a few and then suddenly discovered that my post was Freshly Pressed and that explained why so many of you were taking the time to write. Please forgive me for not responding to every comment. I truly appreciate them and am grateful that I have the chance to share my love of photography and writing with you. Glass blowing is a magnificent art form and I’m pleased that you have enjoyed my post.
      Cheers to all of you,

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