Photo Safari Slideshow

Epic Safari Day in the Masai Mara...Photos by Marion McCristall

Finally I’ve completed a short slideshow of some of the images I took while on a photographic safari in Kenya.  I know the cliche “trip of a lifetime” may be overused so I’ll just say that my journey really topped all of the other travel adventures I’ve had.  Partly because I have been wanting to go to Africa since I was a child but also seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat left me practically breathless.  There are not enough positive words to describe my most amazing adventure.

I hope you’ll take time to see a little of what I saw by checking out my Vimeo slideshow.

You can also see more of my African wildlife photos in the Portfolio section of my website.

I will be writing about my incredible visit to Nairobi and my safari in future posts.

6 thoughts on “Photo Safari Slideshow

    • Thanks for your comment Martina. I absolutely loved being out on the savannah and seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat. Hopefully you’ll get there one day.

    • Good to hear from you Joan. Were you in Kenya? I would have liked to have spent more time there and travelled to other African countries. My next trip for wildlife viewing will be Zambia in March 2013. Marion

  1. Thanks for slowing down the images …. this is a spectacular slide show and your photographs are all a stunning rendition of your dream vacation. Beautiful captures each telling a wonderful story. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I can tell you put a lot of thought into choosing your images. The background music was a perfect treat to go with and I could see the care in your creation to make the viewer feel as if they were with you. Magnificent creatures. I can only dream.
    Well done my friend.

    • Thanks for much for your thoughtful comment Joy. I’m glad you liked my slideshow and could understand a little of how I experienced the “wow” factor of the safari. There are not enough positive words to describe the most amazing experiences I had in Kenya. Seeing the animals in their natural habitat left me practically breathless at times as I was in complete awe. Marion

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