Art has a poetry and language of it’s own

Photography is one of the ways I like to express myself.  This is an exciting time for me as I’ve finally finished my photography website and I will be writing posts to share some of my thoughts and experiences about my journey in the world of photography.

My Portfolio on the website is a representation of the kinds of things I like to take pictures of.  I have included galleries called Visual Poetry, Creatures, Life, Black & White & Sepia, and Travel.  I will be changing the images on my galleries from time to time so please bookmark it and check back.

Some images are close up and personal and others show landscapes or people at a distance.  Take a moment to check out my  Black & White & Sepia Gallery.  I love the tonal contrasts, graphic qualities, and the artistic interpretation provided in monochromatic images.

Hopefully some of my images will help you find your own artistic language and a way to express it with your photography.

Some of my images can be purchased at Fine Art America.

Art Prints

1 thought on “Sharing

  1. Hi Marion: All your photos are amazing, love them all. Keep up the good work, as really enjoy seeing what you have been shooting. Cheers! Irene

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