Photography Quick Tip 10 – Madonna in the Window and Other Reflections

Do you notice all of the reflections around you?  You can expand your photographic horizons by including reflections in some of your images.

Madonna reflection in a window in Rome.

I am pleasantly surprised at how often reflections capture my attention.  I enjoy seeing them with all of their special characteristics.

Boat reflections create great images for posters.

Often they appear almost like mirrored images and sometimes they are blurred and make interesting abstracts.

I saw these clouds in a puddle that was almost mirror-like.

This photo is of the reflecting pools at the Tacoma Glass Museum

I was enjoying a delicious meal in a cafe in Paris when the reflection of the bread basket on the wooden tabletop caught my eye.

Sometimes I find reflections in my images after I upload them onto my computer. I find it amazing that I did not see the Madonna in the window when I first took the picture of the beautiful window in Rome.

Reflections are everywhere.  Having my camera handy, I am able to capture photos that remind me of wonderful places I have visited and beautiful things that have caught my eye.

I took this boathouse reflection on Quadra Island, British Columbia.

Below are some more of the many reflection images in my photo library.

I love how this old bicycle bell caught the reflection of buildings and a tree-lined avenue in Paris.

Sunset on Sumas River in MacDonald Park, Abbotsford, British Columbia. Fond memories as I first learned to swim in this river.

I created this still life reflection using a mirror and a black backdrop.

Windows provide excellent reflections. This image was taken in the Yaletown area of Vancouver.

I wonder what kinds of reflections you will find the next time you’re out with your camera.
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All photographs copyright © Marion McCristall

2 thoughts on “Photography Quick Tip 10 – Madonna in the Window and Other Reflections

    • Thank you for your comment Martina. I’m always looking for ways to make my images stand out in my mind’s eye.

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