Photography Quick Tip 9 – Create Photo Greeting Cards

Share your love of photography by giving the gift of a one of your favorite images on a greeting card.

You’ve probably taken lots of pictures that would make beautiful greeting or note cards.  I like to give them individually or as a set wrapped in a box and tied with a pretty ribbon.

It’s fun to make Christmas cards with images I’ve taken in past years.

There are many pictures we take throughout the year such as landscapes, flowers, architecture, travel, and so on.  I crop them at 4×6 so that they fit perfectly on 5×7 blank greeting cards.  These cards can be found in art and craft stores or ordered online.

There are many ways to attach your photos to the cards.  I find Glue Dots quick and easy.  The most difficult part is placing the picture straight on the card.

a sepia photograph is perfect for a beautiful card

Often the cards come flat and need to be folded.  It’s a good idea to do this before attaching the picture.  I use a bone folder to firmly swipe along the crease at the back of the card to give it a neat, clean fold.  I plan the location of the photo on the front of the card, turn it over, attach six glue dots, (four in each corner and one in the middle of the long edges.)  I carefully line the photo up on the front and press it into place.

A nice touch is to sign your card just under the image. I prefer to use pencil.  Some friends have framed my cards and placed them on a desk or bookshelf.  It’s nice to know that my images are enjoyed by others.

I buy clear boxes and silver tins at a packaging supply store

Sometimes I use my printer to add quotes or greetings on the inside and my logo on the back. 

I am a self-confessed quote collector and keep them in little notebooks.  I love quotes of inspiration, art, and photography. Sometimes I use photo editing software to write text on my photographs.

"Are not flowers the stars of the earth?" by A. J. Balfour

There’s still time to give your loved ones some of your favorite, artistic photographs for Christmas. Share the joy…they’ll be glad you gave them such a wonderful, personal gift.

a tin with 5 of your photo cards and envelopes creates a gift that will be treasured

More of my photographs can be seen atArt Prints
If you’re interested in joining Fine Art America, check it out at the link belowArtist Websites

All photographs copyright © Marion McCristall

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    • Inspiration comes to me in so many forms so I’m glad I inspired you to think about reflections. Thanks for your comment Barb.

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