Photography Quick Tip 5 ~ Lines and Shapes Add Interest

the curved line of the beach, the slight diagonal of the logs, and the upright trees add to this photo

What do you notice about your subject when you go to take a photograph?

In previous posts, I’ve written about some basic composition guidelines. Reflecting on these may help you to create stronger images.  Think about straight horizon lines, waiting for objects to move out of the frame or moving yourself to get a better angle, using the Rule of Thirds when it suits the subject, and giving moving objects space in the picture to move forward.

There are many other elements to consider before you press the shutter.

all of the lines in this photograph play an important part in leading the viewer through the frame

Shapes and patterns in your pictures can influence how your viewers respond.  In some photographs, vertical, diagonal, and horizontal lines can strengthen the feel of an image and create more of an impact. Sometimes our focal point is where two lines converge.

Take a look at the pictures below and observe the lines as well as the directions they are going in.

notice the lines of trees leaning in various directions and how the curved line of the earth enhances the image

the vertical and horizontal lines of nature are pleasing to the eye

the zig zag effect of the crossing lines invites the viewer to explore the picture

Look around you and delight in all of the amazing lines you see in your everyday life. Take your time, experiment, and capture them with your camera.


the lines of the rolling fields are going in the opposite direction to the trees...this creates interest in a photograph

In another post, I will give a few examples of how patterns can create tension and interest in a picture.

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3 thoughts on “Photography Quick Tip 5 ~ Lines and Shapes Add Interest

  1. I have a point and shoot camera and now because of these tips, I think I can maximize its use. Hope I can make better pictures with your tips.

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