Photography on Fine Art America

Do you ever wonder what to do with those wonderful images that you create with your camera?

I decided to join Fine Art America a few months ago and really enjoy seeing people from all over the world taking a look at my pictures.  There are over 900,000 photographs of pictures, fine art prints, paintings, and other art media available and I am very pleased that I have sold some of my photographs through FAA.

Here’s an image I took in the Okanagan area of BC on the weekend.  I will be adding it to my FAA collection.


Ready for Harvest


Some of my most popular pictures are travel photos, flowers, close-ups, still lifes, and landscapes.

I’ve been enthusiastic about creating images either through dabbling in painting or photography since I was very young. Two years ago, I joined Langley Camera Club and feel inspired every time I hear a guest speaker or go on a club photography outing.

I find that attending photography seminars, going on photo holidays, and participating in camera club events has allowed me to feel encouraged and supported by others.  It’s wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded people.  When I want to take pictures in the company of those who are not interested in photography I always feel like I have to rush and I am sure they think to themselves, “Why doesn’t she just snap the picture and move on!”  (You can read more about my wonderful photography holidays in France on my Feb. 6 post and Tuscany on March 6.)

This is one of my favourite pictures that I took in France last year.


Shutters in a Nerac, France


Several people have asked me if they can buy prints or greeting cards from my photographs.  That’s why I took the leap and joined artists and photographers on the Fine Art America website.  They handle all of the printing, matting, framing, and mailing of the images. Their professional services are a welcome time-saver.

You can find some of my images at

If you are interested in joining Fine Art America, you can check it out on the link below.
Websites for Photographers

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