Photography Quick Tip 1 ~ Act Like a Detective

At last…it’s summertime!  For some of us it means picnics, lazy days at the beach, kids running through sprinklers, day trips to new or favorite places, and cooling off with lemonade or wine spritzers.

I like to capture these memories with my camera.  Over the next few days I will share some of the most basic photography tips that will give your images a boost.

Tip 1  Act Like a Detective

Look at all of the corners of your view finder and act like a detective seeking out distracting elements.  When you find them, change your position or angle to try to keep them out of your picture.

By moving over to the left and getting in a little closer, I was able to still get an image that reminded me of this beautiful autumn scene near Manning Park, BC.

(Photo editing software will let you remove unwanted objects from a shot but, for today, I’m just writing about getting the quick image from camera to sharing or printing.)

Here’s another example.  Remember to take your time when your subject isn’t moving. Notice how the person in the background draws our eyes away from the flowers.  I moved in a little closer and  just waited for the person to walk by before taking the shot.

Ahhh….this is much better

Think about the elements you want in your picture, take your time framing it with your camera, and have fun.

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