Earth Day ~ Today and Everyday

Earth Day….it’s here again…another reminder to preserve and protect our environment.

Eagle at Capilano River

Think about it.  What steps do you take each and everyday to make a difference for our earth….the place we all share?

Grant Narrows Park

Photography is an important part of my life…it’s one of many passions.  I love to be in the forest and by the sea and enjoy our natural surroundings.  If I don’t take simple steps to protect my environs, who will?  I can’t just count on others to make the changes needed…I need to be part of it as well.

one of the waterfalls at Cascade Falls

I’m no hero.  However, my conscience in this realm continues to be developed to the point that I recycle bottles, cans, juice containers, newspapers, cardboard, and plastics.  I also think about the amount of energy I consume and try to remember to turn off lights I’m not using and lower the thermostat at bedtime and when I go out.

I’ve gone paperless with bills and pay online.

I take clothes I no longer wear and household items I no longer use to one of the many local charitable organizations so that they can pass them on to those less fortunate.

Recycled products are readily available and I try to buy them when I have a choice.

Take a look at this slideshow created by Colleen Seto.

Hopefully it will inspire you to think about Earth Day and how you can make a small difference each and everyday.

Photographs © Marion McCristall   All rights reserved.

One thought on “Earth Day ~ Today and Everyday

  1. I’m sooooo glad you are my friend, we just think alot alike most of the time, Yes, I do a lot of recycling, even my clothes that shrunk in the closet over time. It is very important to reuse, reduce, and recycle. Of course your photos are superb as always. Cheers! Irene

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