What do you look at when you go on a walk?

Where do you look when you go for a walk?  What catches your eye and makes you stop for a closer look?

If you’re like most of us, you just look ahead…maybe a little left and right…but rarely look at ground level.

Today I went on a walk in the forest…tripod and camera in hand. I took my time and looked around me and noticed all kinds of decay on the ground…leaves and twigs starting to mulch into mush to prepare a fresh layer for spring growth.  The bugs seemed to be in hiding, the autumn leaves are but a shadow of themselves…nibbled and eaten into submission, and the earth is boggy with a sweet musty smell.

The mosses and ferns are particularly striking against the dark, wet tree trunks and fallen logs.

Winter white berries cling to the branches as if calling out to be noticed.  I think of them as Mother Nature’s helpers as they provide nourishment that’s easy for the birds to find.

Next time you walk in the woods, think about taking time to really look around you.  I know we still have more winter to weather but it won’t be long before we see little signs of spring peeking through the undergrowth.

And…just for fun…look at textures and shapes and imagine what creatures lurk about in the forest.

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