Why Do You Celebrate Christmas?

Sometimes we hurry about making plans for the holidays and don’t take time to reflect on our reasons for celebrating Christmas.

a little French porcelain nativity set

Families create traditions that are passed from one generation to the next…special decorations, favourite foods, exchanging gifts, going to church, music, parties, and other festivities.

As my kids have grown and made homes of their own, some of our traditions have changed.  My daughter always used to be the one to put the angel on top of the tree…the last decoration to take it’s place. My son used to like to go with me to pick out a living tree and put on some Christmas songs, (especially the Boney M collection,) as we decorated it.  I love to make my Mom’s shortbread cookies that absolutely melt in your mouth…it’s the 20 minutes of kneading the butter, flour and icing sugar that make them special.

I have always put out a lovely blue and white Danish porcelain nativity set along with other decorations.  This year I have a tiny set that I found in an antique market in France. The figurines are only about 1 1/2 inches high and I enjoy the rustic nature of the artistry.

I thought this was a wonderful opportunity to share with you how I would simply retell the story of Jesus’ birth…the way I would to a child…as we set out each piece of the the nativity scene.

What are your favourite traditions?

Take time to talk with your family and friends about how you came to celebrate Christmas and what it means to you.

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