Thinking of You

Isn’t it nice to receive a note from someone saying they are thinking of you?

I created this Smilebox slideshow so that I could tell some of my friends that they were in my thoughts and that I was wishing them well.

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Photography is an important part of my life…I feel inspired when I look around me and see natural beauty and people going through the motions of everyday life. As you can probably tell by now, I like to share my photos.  Even though I enjoy colour images, I sometimes love the results when they are converted into black and white or sepia.  If you have a photo editing program, you may be amazed at your delight when you try a few of your favourite pictures without a myriad of colours.  For best results, choose pictures with a fair amount of contrast between darks and lights.

Feel free to forward this Smilebox to your friends and loved ones.  You just might brighten someone’s day.

All photographs © Marion McCristall

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