Grease….Embarrassment….An Amazing Solution

Have you ever felt like you could have just made a TV commercial with your endorsement or comments about a product that you liked?

I find myself doing that all the time when I tell friends about something I have just discovered especially when it is helpful and useful and makes life easier.

(It’s rather a long time since I created a post….I’ve been renovating my kitchen and downstairs powder room.  I’m pleased to say that it’s all done and I’m lovin’ it.)

So why the embarrassment?  Well, it wouldn’t have been so bad if it had just been some unknown painter but it was my brother-in-law who witnessed all of the grease and grime on the top of my cupboards and the objects I had displayed.  Ok, I admit it, I haven’t cleaned up there in about three years….I’m short and I can’t even reach there standing on a ladder.  But….no excuse….just pure disregard for a space I never actually use.

Nothing would touch that grime….my daughter, who is about 5 inches taller than me, got up on the ladder and tried to scrub….household cleaners created little pilly balls of goo, window cleaner did the same, ammonia and water….not any better.

It needed to be cleaned so that the whole area could be painted…clearly, not an easy task.

As a problem solver, I can usually find a way around a difficult situation. Determined, I went to the local Home Depot and scoured the products…carefully reading the labels for something that guaranteed to cut through grease.  I wanted to go Eco friendly but the only product I thought might do the trick was ZEP.  So, about $10 later, I drove home with a little prayer to the kitchen grease god.



I was absolutely amazed and thrilled!  Just a little spray and the grease just melted.  My brother-in-law used it on the top of the cupboards and the ceiling fan. I used it on the jugs and plates. It worked like a trojan.  We followed the safety instructions, i.e. rubber gloves, well-ventilated area, keep out of eyes, etc. Hard to believe that something, so seemingly inconsequential, could make me feel relieved and happy.

I’m sure my brother-in-law got a little tired of me waxing eloquent about the joys of ZEP.  I am very pleased with the wonderful job he did of painting the walls and cabinets.  The walls are a beautiful, warm Tuscan yellow…the photo doesn’t do it justice.


Wow! All clean and countertops, fresh paint, new appliances, and NO Grime!

I don’t know where you can find ZEP where you live but don’t give up if you have a similar situation.  I’m sure there is a product made just for you.


Yes to Zep!

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