The Junk Drawer


What’s in your junk drawer?

Do you have one or more junk drawers that are filled with so many things that you simply can’t find what you’re looking for?

On a recent rainy day I needed some birthday candles.  I knew I had some and I knew they were in the junk drawer.  After rummaging and poking around I finally found them.  They had spilled out of their little paper box and were strewn amongst odd bits of rubber bands, pencils, paper clips, and a myriad of other useful (???)  things.

So I started to think about junk drawers and my love/hate relationship with them…I mean who likes “junk”?  Maybe they should be called “Bits and Bobs Drawers” or simply call it the “WID” ….short for “What’s It Drawer”.  Growing up, my parents always had one, I have one in the kitchen, one at my office and one in the den. I’m sure most of you have one at home as well. Because of my frustration over trying to find the candles, I decided to sort the one in the kitchen. I haven’t really moved anything….just tidied it up….until the next time I go rooting through it or pile it high with flyers, coupons, and miscellaneous bits.  I must confess that I found some things that did not belong there…small red rubber ball and two jacks, (hardly enough for a game,) large curved metal hooks for hanging up coats, (can’t remember where I was going to put them,) multiples of key rings, (how many does a person really need?) magnets, ribbon, (not enough to do anything with,) a quarter and two pennies, golf tees, a leather luggage tag, a duck finger puppet (poor thing…it must have strayed from my play therapy kit,) various business cards, and lots of dust and fluff.

Here’s a list of what I find useful to have in my junk drawer in the kitchen: flashlight, extra keys for the house and mailbox, ruler…inches and millimeters….I still struggle with metric, pens, pencils, highlighter, whiteout, scotch tape, masking tape, screw driver, measuring tape, note pads and sticky notes, paper clips, rubber bands, extra batteries, picture framing wire, calculator, playing cards, floralife, erasers, matches….and birthday candles.


I keep tools like a small hammer, pliers, level, awl, various screw drivers, nails, screws, exacto knife, etc. in a large plastic tote in a cupboard.  Large scissors are kept in a drawer with kitchen utensils and the small ones in a cup on the counter filled with pens and pencils.

If you find yourself scrambling to put your hands on items you don’t use everyday but want to have handy, consider setting up a junk drawer.

For me, it just makes life easier.


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