Nature's Smile

Nature's Smile

What makes you smile inside?

Seeing sunflowers grow in the fields and gardens makes me smile.  I love looking at their crowns of petals and dark, inky black centers glowing in the sun.   I’m always amazed at how big and heavy they get as the seeds mature and wonder how their stalks are sturdy enough to support such a load.  The brilliance of Mother Nature never fails to amaze me.


There is a farm near me where rows and rows of sunflowers tower up into the sky almost as though they are competing to see who can grow the tallest.  I like to take my camera with me in early September as I go in search of images to use in photo greeting cards.  I wear a hat to keep the spider webs off my face and talk gently to the bees in hopes that they will concentrate on their mission and keep their stingers to themselves….so far it’s worked.



There are many varieties of sunflowers and they have been growing on this continent for thousands of years.  Today they provide us not only with visual delights in the garden, flower arrangements, and photos, but with cooking oil, roasted snacks, and nutrient rich seeds for birds.  I toast the raw ones in a little cooking oil and butter, cool, and use them in salads, muffins, and cookies.



Look around you…take a moment to find something visual that makes you smile today.


“If you smile when no one else is around you, you really mean it.” – Andy Rooney


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