Antiques and Floral Frogs

Dahlia Arrangement

Have you ever picked up something in a market or antique store that brought back memories or reminded you of a different way of doing things?

The other day I was shopping in an antique mall with my daughter.  I picked up a floral frog and she wondered why I would be drawn to such an unusual item….all prickly, pointy, and heavy.  My grandmother and mother used them to help flowers from their gardens stay upright in large mason jars.  I have used them over the years to do the same thing.

I have always been inspired by Ikebana, (Japanese flower arranging.) A few years ago I made a small zen-like container out of clay.  I rolled out a slab about ¼ inch thick, trimmed a shape that I found appealing, cut out a hole large enough to fit a small frog, made a simple design on the piece, glazed it with deep blue, and fired it in a kiln. When it was ready, I attached a small black plastic container on the bottom with a waterproof sealant.  Voila…a new creation to hold simple, little floral arrangements using a frog.

pottery and floral frogfloralfrog2


Another way to use a frog is to place it in a larger container, add water and a few greens. (The pictured greens are azalea, rhododendron, and bamboo from shrubs in my back patio.) Pop in a flower and you have a quick little arrangement to brighten your space.

floral frog and low containerDahlia

Frogs can be purchased in different sizes and shapes in craft stores like Michaels and from floral departments.  Look around your house and see what containers you have that would look lovely holding some pretty flowers and give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Antiques and Floral Frogs

  1. Marion, I was tag surfing on WordPress, and I found your blog. The arrangements are lovely. I am a floral designer in Toronto and design a lot of very full gardeny bouquets. But for my own home, I love the simplicity of one or two perfect flowers.

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