Scotch Mints....crunchy with a soft center....memories of childhood Peppermints at the yourself!

Peppermints at the ready….help yourself!

How do you know you’re home?  What small part of you says “this is my place” when you walk in the door?  Is there anything you look for when you come home (either to your own home or to that of your parents?)

Although my kids have places of their own, they  look for the peppermints….the white, round, hard ones ….crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside….called Scotch Mints.  They take it for granted.  No questions asked.  Straight to the peppermint dish in my living room.

They remember that their Poppa, my Italian father, always had peppermints in his pockets.  Sometimes they were in good shape from his freshly laundered trousers and other times….well….maybe a bit warm and icky with fluff and a little tobacco attached, (he rolled his own,) … but willingly accepted as they were offered with love and affection.  When he would come to the barn to see my daughter ride he always had a handful. I enjoyed watching the horses nicker as he held one out and they slurped it up all wet and drooly.  Did you know that horses love peppermints?

When I lived in Bangkok a few years ago, one of the first things I bought for my apartment was a pretty little dish and some peppermints. Without knowing it, I guess I absorbed the idea of having them, ever-ready in my home, from my parents. No one told me to do it…..I don’t even eat them….but I always have them out.  Friends and family just naturally help themselves.

Peppermints are like people magnets.  I keep the individually wrapped Lifesaver mints in my office for my clients to enjoy.  Yes….I know they’re not Scotch Mints but close enough.

So the peppermints continue to flow….something my kids can count on as part of my “home” and perhaps, in the future, in theirs as well.

Peppermints at home

Think about it……what’s special to your home?

If you don’t have something…..create it.

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