The Beginning of Everything Neat


Poppies and Daisies….some of my favorite flowers…taken in July

How do you know that?

Where did you get that idea from?

Who taught you?

What was your inspiration?

All of these questions have been asked of me over the last 30 years or so.

I find it interesting that my daughter and son also get asked those questions.  We seem to be adept at figuring it out and “just knowing”…..taking in our world, text, information, ideas and thoughts with our five senses….like sponges….to be wrung out in drips with tidbits of, what I’ve been told, seems like magic.

There is no magic.  I see it as a dash of common sense, a mix of creativity, and mostly curiousity.  We don’t know until we ask or seek.  We try to remember and apply or adapt what we take in so that it makes sense in our world.  Bouncing ideas off others keeps the juices flowing.

We all create NEAT things and ways of being.  Sometimes we don’t take the time to recognize our uniqueness or what we have to offer in our world.

My learning never stops….never.  Does yours?

Writing helps me to get my ideas into a more logical form.  I’m currently working on three books.  One entitled “Counselling with the Heart in Mind”  has ideas for therapists, another “In the Company of Geckos” about my life in Bangkok, and the other is a book of poetry accompanied with black and white photographs I have taken….no title yet….still working on the images and poems.

I ramble…..the future holds countless blogs about NEAT things that I enjoy, love, or do for fun or for the pleasure of others.  Enjoy the journey with me.


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of Everything Neat

  1. Well, my new friend, am I impressed or what??? I read every word, want more receipes for snacks, as when in Yuma, that is what we do. Eat and sip wine, well maybe guzzle a little LOL.
    Love the idea of the picnic, simple, effective, and fun. I know it’s you, as you sent me the picture of the poppies in B/W it is so pretty. Too bad you don’t have any cook books left, sounds like something I would really enjoy, simple and good. Can I pass this blog along to my photographer friend in Nanaimo??? Cheers! Irene

  2. O.K. just found an OLD frog, will now go and put it in an old dish, go cut a flower from the yard, inspiration, need lots more. Have I told you what a neat lady you are, I knew there was more to you than meets the eye. Cooking, we all love to eat, and easy is the way to go. So glad we met last year, and can’t wait for more creativity to come from you, keep up the good work.

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